Award Nominations

The Annual Awards Banquet will be held at the Annual Conference which is on-hold date TBD.

Final award winners will be invited to attend this highly anticipated event and we look forward to the nomination process every year!

Nominations are being accepted and due date is extended though June 30th 2020. Final selections are completed prior to Annual Conference. Please let your nominee know that they are being nominated so they can Save the Date to attend to the conference!

Transformational Nurse Leader

This award was specifically created to recognize those leaders who have had a significant impact on nursing practice, education, research, healthcare and nursing policy, regulation, or population health or related and that impact has extended beyond the region to the state or the nation. Appropriate candidates for this award will have broad name recognition, be highly respected, and will possess those characteristics consistent with the leadership required to be a professional trailblazer.

Download as a Word Doc:
Transformational Leadership Nomination Form

Authentic Leadership

This award is given to a nurse leader of distinction, in any leadership role, who is in active practice in the Pacific Northwest and demonstrates the following characteristics consistent with authentic leadership.

Download as a Word Doc:
Authentic Leadership Nomination Form

Emerging Nurse Leader

This award is given to a nurse who may be in an interim leadership role of any type, or someone who is in their first formal leadership role, but with less than five years of experience as a formal leader. 

  • Promotes open communication with and is viewed as approachable and respectful of others, inspiring, unwaveringly ethical and can be counted on to keep commitments. 
  • Honors their license by demonstrating behaviors consist with the public trust, and ensures that other professionals do the same.
  • Demonstrates knowledge and skills in clinical practice, and the profession of nursing and uses that foundational knowledge to build effectiveness in decision making, collaboration, and for the allocation of appropriate human and environmental resources to support patient care. Ensures that the perspectives of patients and families as well as direct care providers are incorporated into every decision affecting patient care.
  • Contributes to the achievement of common goals by giving power and respect to each person’s voice, integrating individual differences, and demonstrating the emergence of skills for resolving conflicts and competing interests, is open, authentic and straightforward with others. Inquires actively, seeking to hear, respect and understand the opinions and views of others
  • Supports staff involvement in the creation of local level staffing plans that are grounded in ethical principles and that support the professional obligation of nurses to provide high quality care. Is quick to recognize and affirm others. Gives credit to others for their work
  • Has taken steps to be professionally involved outside of the employment arena. Belongs to at least one professional nursing organization. 
Download as a Word Doc:
Emerging Nurse Leader Nomination Form

Excellence in Healthcare or Nursing Advocacy

This award was specifically created to recognize those nurse leader or aspiring nurse leaders who have had a significant impact on health policy or policy impacting nursing practice through their knowledge, ability to influence others, active involvement in legislative process, support for political action committees, and or their courage in addressing difficult and political issues. They are people who have found their voice and who have been willing to use it to influence legislative and political process. 

Download as a Word Doc:
Excellence in Advocacy Nomination Form

Leadership Excellence in a Frontline Nurse Clinician

This award is given to a nurse who is a clinician, and who from the bedside, the “chair-side”, or through homecare or telephonic care has displayed not only clinical excellence but leadership excellence. 

Download as a Word Doc:
Leadership Excellence in a Frontline Nurse Clinician Nomination Form

Regional Council Excellence 

This exciting new award honors the Council Leaders and Council in their endeavors to inspire and develop nursing leaders at all levels of their leadership journey in their region and exemplify the Principles and Vision of NWONL. 

  • Demonstrated leadership development agendas and objectives with tangible impact.
  • Engagement of Nurse Leaders at all levels and from a myriad of practices across the healthcare delivery spectrum.
  • Demonstrated philanthropic work in their region and communities.
  • Thought leadership and invigorating dialogs with members and nurse leaders at large on issues affecting their regions and communities.
  • Leveraging academic and corporate partnerships.
  • Renown for professionalism and integrity as nursing leaders.
  • Demonstrated ability to foster a safe place for nurse leaders to share their opinions and concerns without fear of retribution, honoring and leveraging diversity, and engaging in meaningful dialog.
  • Innovative in engagement and facilitation of Council sessions, content, partnership and celebration.
Download as a Word Doc:
Regional Council Excellence Nomination Form