Charge Nurse Intensive

Amplify Your Charge Nurse Capabilities

Vital capabilities of an effective Charge Nurse center on having a clear understanding of the role's scope and developing adaptive leadership skills to flex as situations and stakeholders needs demand. The NWONL Charge Nurse Intensive is an in-person, interactive and engaging workshop to help your Charge Nurses navigate managing peers, collaborating with providers, overseeing unit flow, while ensuring that the needs of patients are at the center of care. Charge Nurses leave with tools and a self-directed personal action plan for immediate use plus for continual improvement prioritized around their individual needs. The curriculum is evidence based, supported by best-practice and focuses on the intersection of both Charge Nurse and senior nursing management organizational needs. 

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January 30th in Moses Lake, Washington Already past

March 27th in Elma, Washington

Summary of Course Objectives

Charge Nurse Foundations

  • Identify the qualities of the exceptional Charge Nurse

  • Identify leadership styles and traits and describe your leadership style


  • Describe how communication affects the team and effective strategies for optimal outcomes

  • Identify strategies for conflict management and service recovery

  • Describe influential communication tactics


  • Discuss the importance of smart delegation

  • Identify horizontal violence and strategies to obliterate it

Create an Action Plan

  • A personal 30-60-90 day Continual Improvement Roadmap based on Individual Needs


  • Attendees earn CE upon completion

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