Corporate Partners

Shaping Tomorrow's Nurse Leaders
2020 Corporate Partner Ad and Connect Opportunities


Homepage Highlight
Per Month Exclusive $250

  • Spend one month on the NWONL Homepage as our "Corporate Partner Guest".
  • Front and Center on our homepage! Showcase your story, product, reason why and how you provide value in 300 words.
  • We don't stop there. Your story will be promoted in 4 weekly posts on our social media, and we will provide one paid boost during the month to increase traffic to the site.

Regional Council Guest
One Presenter Per Session $250

  • We have over 10 active Regional Councils that meet throughout the year. They are meeting virtually which actually works well for having you join in!
  • Spend 15 min as the Corporate Partner Highlight in which you provide education, your story, and value proposition. Afterward, answer questions and interact with attendees.
  • For this option, you will have two opportunities to connect: Metro: Seattle or Portland, and Regional Eastern or Central WA/OR.

More Reach

Newsletter Feature
Per Month Exclusive $250

  • Be the highlighted Corporate Partner in our monthly newsletter. Our newsletter goes to all members. 
  • We will also promote this on our social media sites, publish on our website, and promote via Regional Councils.

Webinar Presentation
Per Webinar $250

  • Have education via a webinar to offer? We will offer this to members and promote it via social media, email campaign, web, and newsletter over the course of 1 month. We will provide one paid boost during the month to increase visibility.
  • This option can be live, recorded, or a combination of both and made available to NWONL members for 1 year.


  • Since 1997: We are the oldest and most respected Nursing Leadership organization in the region.
  • Our reach is vast: We have members from over 130 organizations across the healthcare continuum.
  • Our influence is unmatched: Our members hail from over 60 formal leadership positions.